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A Guide to Merchant Navy Ranks

The nomenclature of merchant navy ranking system is universally accepted by shipping companies and commercial vessels around the world. However, there can be minor changes in names and duties assigned to specific positions depending on the country to which the ship belongs.

A seafarer’s tale: Loneliness and danger

Documentary about a young dutch seafarer
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Communications, Human Relationships, Valuing Diversity

The safe operation of a ship depends upon a chain of command that extends from the captain through deck, engine and steward's departments
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Cultural diversity, manning strategies + management practices i

The present paper examines the way Greek shipping companies and Greek seafarers perceive culture, and how this affects their approach to crew management and operation of the ships. The analysis focuses on the manning strategies employed by the companies, on the operational problems that might occur on-board, and on any possible disturbance of the relation between the ship, the office at shore and third parties

Duties of Bosun (Boatswain) on a Ship

The main duties of bosuns revolve in the deck area of the ship. These duties include supervising the deck sailors to see whether they are performing their jobs efficiently. In some cases and in some ships, it is the boatswain who acts as the watchman or guard of the ships for the captain and other superior officers in the ship. Other duties also include allotting work to the deck sailors on an everyday basis. In simple terms it can be said that the boatswain is a middleman in the hierarchy of the ship’s crew. His role is to ensure that the lowermost workers are effective in their duties and that the ship’s superiors are able to carry out their quota of work without any problems.

Getting the best from multi-cultural manning

Over the last 30 years the world merchant fleet has become
multilingual and multicultural; in particular crew composition.
Today about two thirds of the worlds merchant marine sail with a crew composed of several nationalities. At times, the crew mixture may experience behavioral problems both at work and off duty that can affect ship safety, pollution prevention and security. In the past, casualty investigators did not study interpersonal situations/relations in their investigations; hence reports on the impact of this situation are almost non-existent. This paper seeks to provide awareness of the benefits of mixed crewing.

International Anthropometric Data for Work-Place and Machinery Design

Body measures of the average European

Multinational crew; in words and in action

In today’s maritime world, running a vessel with only a single nationality is nearly impossible; as a master mariner who has sailed on and commanded ships with so many diverse nationalities, there are a few points which I would like to share with you. Having differences is undeniable, but we may be able to tackle the troubles associated with them if we try to identify and analyze the root causes. The human being has quite a lot of versatile aspects with respect to behavior and living patterns but one may start with scrutinizing primeval points of existence; some of which are quoted here, along with possible solutions and/ or recommendations.

Paper: Age and BMI interact to determine work ability in seafarers

R.S. Bridger and A.I. Bennet
Aim of the study: To investigate task demands and work ability in merchant seamen at sea and to identify factors predicting
work ability.

Ranks, duties and responsibilities of seafarers