Ships & people - Health & safety

Evacuation of injured person from ER

video shows a drill:

- assembly of a strecher and transport to Engine room (ER)
- strapping of the patient
- Transport out of the ER

Exploring Occupational Health and Safety (Alert!)

This poster compiles the key factors of occupational health. It is sectioned into:
- Codes, Guidelines and Advice
- Health and Wellbeing
- Safety
- Accidents

Firefighting Training

source: youtube

ILO Guidelines on the medical examinations of seafarers

These Guidelines are intended to provide maritime administrations with an internationally
recognized set of criteria for use by competent authorities either directly or as the
basis for framing national medical examination standards that will be compatible with
international requirements. Valid and consistent guidelines should assist medical practitioners,
shipowners, seafarers’ representatives, seafarers and other relevant persons with the conduct of medical fitness examinations of serving seafarers and seafarer candidates.

Maritime Labour Convention, 2006

Personal safety (Part 2)

ways of safeguarding and improving the personal safety (Part 2)
source: youtube

Personal safety - Part 1

ways of safeguarding and improving the personal safety (Part 1)
source: youtube

Safety drill

Conducting Onboard Drills
source: youtube