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User feedback in ship design

Techniques which are used to successfully capture user feedback for the design of land-based buildings and facilities are described in this paper. Experience from marine design shows that these techniques have considerable potential for the ship design and construction industries, as well as for the owners and operators of ships.

Type: Conference paper Author: D.. A Joiner Publication year: 2007 Publisher: The Royal Institution of Naval Architects

Using anthropometrics in designing for enhanced crew performance

For the naval designer, anthropometrics helps to ensure adequate ergonomic design for the population from which the crew is drawn. The naval designer can address in a quantifiable manner issues such as lines of sight, console height and valve handle accessibility. When anthropometric principles are thus applied, the ship better fits the capabilities and limitations of the crew, resulting in enhanced crew performance.

Type: Conference paper Author: J.M. Ross Publication year: 2011 Publisher:

Video: Good Communications, Human Relationships, Valuing Diversity

The safe operation of a ship depends upon a chain of command that extends from the captain through deck, engine and steward's departments. The chain of command, in turn, depends upon good communication. Because many shipboard operations are large and complex, requiring the coordinated actions of multiple crewmembers, it is critical that you be capable of understanding orders and of communicating

Type: other Author: John Sabella Publication year: 2013 Publisher:

Why we should talk about swimming pools

Type: Conference paper Author: H. Sampson Publication year: 2006 Publisher: The Sea, London: Mission to Seafarers, Issue 184, Nov/Dec pp4-5