Welcome to the CyClaDes Framework

This Framework is one outcome of the EU funded research project CyClaDes (Crew-centred Design and Operation of ships and ship systems). Find more information about CyClaDes on the project homepage. The Framework is still under development and your feedback and contribution is very welcome.

Our framework supports the shipping industry in improving user-centered design for ships and ship systems. It's core is a transparent management system relying on conformance specifications and performance quantification:

Roles and Rights

Visitor: can view information, supply feedback and contributions (text, photos of good and bad designs, etc.) by Email

Client: same as Visitor + collect scores to quantify the user friendliness of her/his design (this functionality will be added in a later version and requires registration.

Editor: can view, create and edit information

We aim to deliver

  • a toolbox for designers
  • a instrument for owners to communicate design specification and
  • a means of selecting for operators when chartering ships.

The framework structure follows the yard's hierarchy when delegating responsibility for ship parts and ship components to internal units or suppliers. Application of this standard is thus possible on ship level and any other sub-system level.

  • Outfitting
  • Integration
  • Hull
  • Machinery
  • Piping & Valves
  • Electronics
  • Electrical
  • Spaces